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Celebrity Cruises: Exclusive Updates on Celebrity Reflection

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Since this is the first time I’ve had the honor of being the author, please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Brian Powell, and I have the pleasure of working for Celebrity Cruises in the marketing department. I’ve been with Celebrity for over eight years, leading our revenue management team for two years and working with our marketing team in various leadership roles for the last six-and-a-half years.

On many levels, I’m thrilled to have been chosen to do this assignment. First and foremost, I’m on my way back to Papenburg, Germany. It brings me back to my very first role within the marketing department, when I was a part of a very special team that helped develop and deliver Celebrity Solstice.

Tomorrow, I’m leaving London after a quick visit with my UK colleagues to head over to Papenburg, and join Celebrity Reflection as she leaves the Meyer Werft shipyard early Sunday morning and makes her way up the River Ems to the North Sea.

For today, I wanted to share some personal photos from my first trip to Meyer Werft during the summer of 2008, when I saw Celebrity Solstice while she was still being built. This trip was made for two reasons – for the ceremonial “start up” of the ship’s engines and for the “chair show.” The “start up” of the engines is self-explanatory, while the “chair show” warrants some description.

The Chair Show

The “chair show” is the first viewing and testing of the seating on the ship. By testing, we mean that our Celebrity Solstice development team sat on, and provided feedback on, every single seat that was to be used by our guests and by our crew from the ship. It was my first time participating in a “chair show,” so it was novel to me. Afterward, it was clear that you can’t judge a chair by its sexy legs or its seductive, silky look and touch. The “chair show” just reiterated to me the level of detail we go to, as a brand, to ensure that our guests are comfortable… always.

Please take a look at a few of the photos. You’ll see some of the chairs we tested, which you may recognize; The Lawn Club, before the grass was introduced; Celebrity Equinox already being assembled by the side of Celebrity Solstice; the first AquaClass, five-head shower setup in the stateroom mock-up; the actual build-out of our innovative adjoining stateroom setup; and lastly, a picture of me standing at the stern of the ship. The last photo was taken to prove to my friends that I really was there, to show my kids that “Papa” had a pretty cool job, and, most importantly, to serve as a keepsake, so that I could always remember being a part of something extremely special.

The First Lawn Club

Celebrity Equinox being built next to the Celebrity Solstice

The first AquaClass Stateroom Shower

A new twist on adjoining staterooms

Inside with Celebrity Solstice

Thanks for joining me on this quick walk down memory lane. I’m going to go and try to get some sleep prior to my flight to Germany tomorrow. I’m feeling the same sense of excitement as I did a little over four years ago when I made my very first trip to see Celebrity Solstice at Meyer Werft. I can’t wait to see the wonderful evolution that Celebrity Reflection has made, and then share it with every one of you.

Brian P. Powell
Associate Vice President, Marketing
Celebrity Cruises

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Celebrity Cruises: A Q&A with our Executive Chef, Steve van der Merwe

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We recently sat down with Celebrity Reflection’s Executive Chef, Steve van der Merwe, and asked him the questions that we’ve all had on our minds. Have a look at his responses and find out what kind of culinary experience you can expect on our latest ship. Plus, learn how Steve discovered his passion for cooking.

What can we expect from the Main Dining Room on Reflection?
From the breathtaking, two-story wine cellar to the beautiful chandelier, the main dining room feels warm and welcoming. This, coupled with unparalleled service from our waiters and Sommeliers, as well as world-class food and flavors, will welcome you into a truly unforgettable culinary experience. Celebrity Reflection’s main dining room is fittingly named “Opus,” which means “work of art on a grand scale.” The room itself is like a work of art, as are each of the thousands of meals we will serve there each day.

Are there updates being made to the menu items offered?
Our culinary team has added 80 new dishes to the main dining room menu. Our goal is to take our guests on a culinary journey and to help make their vacation memorable. At the heart of the changes is a focus on beautiful simplicity, the center of the plate. Of course, we have also taken nutritional and dietary considerations into account – our guests care about what they eat and where it comes from. Overall, we have kept some favorites, but also added new flavors and dishes from around the world.

Where do you source the staff that will open the ship?
We have an exceptional core team in key supervisory and managerial positions that have opened many of our new ships (some have even been with us for all five Solstice Class launches, including this one, and some have been on our Millennium Class ships, as well). These form the foundation of our core opening team. We, then, divide the crewmembers across the fleet, some with opening experience and some without. We also see new ship launches as an opportunity to bring new crew members to the Celebrity team.

How long do you take to prepare the room for the first serving?
The dining room is set before each and every dining time. We can turn the entire dining room around in under 45 minutes between the first and second seatings.

What are the fun things your team prepares for the guests?
We’re all passionate about cooking. It makes the job inherently fun. Of course, some aspects of our jobs are more interactive, which adds an extra layer of enjoyment. When we do live cooking in our Oceaniew Café, for example, our cooks get to interact with our guests throughout the day as they prepare anything from fresh eggs to tasty stir-fries, with the guests watching, learning, and talking to them. Then, there is the Lawn Club Grill, where the guests can experience hands-on cooking next to their very own chef, with endless views of the sea all around. It’s pretty special. I can’t forget all of our cooking demonstrations, and our very own “star chefs” competition, where guests get to compete against each other on stage in front of a live audience. It’s great fun, and many laughs are had by all.

How many meals are prepared each night?
On average, around 4,500 meals are served for dinner. This includes our very important crew; they have their own dining area, as well. Celebrity Reflection will produce, on average, just over 14,000 meals per day.

How many chefs are in the kitchen?
On Reflection, we have a total brigade of 166. They are divided into various positions, as well, and are easily identified by different color neckerchiefs. Yellow neckerchiefs represent the junior positions, which are the 4th and 3rd cooks. Next, there are red neckerchiefs, which are 2nd cooks, followed by green neckerchiefs, which are our 1st cooks. The next highest position is the chefs de parties, who wear blue; these are the first of the supervisory positions. Next, we have our junior sous and sous chefs; they each have a black neckerchief with a silver toggle. The executive sous chefs are next in the ranking, wearing black neckerchiefs with a gold toggle. The executive chef is the only person in the culinary department that does not wear a neckerchief.

What are your favorite dishes on the menu to prepare and to eat? Also, can you tell us a little about yourself? For example, who cooks at your house?
I enjoy braising and roasting meats. Prime rib is an all-time favorite of mine, and of course, braised short ribs, too. I enjoy eating these dishes as much as I enjoy preparing them. When at home, I like to cook for my loved ones and friends. I’ve noticed, though, that there is never really anyone wanting to rally to the kitchen. I must be doing something right at home I guess, since they want to leave the cooking to me.

I started my career in a takeout pizza joint by the local neighborhood pool in South Africa. It’s simple: I fell in love with preparing food and working with people. The rest, as they say, is history!

When at home, what do you like to eat? How did you become interested in becoming a chef?
I enjoy making pizza back home in South Africa, in my wood-burning pizza oven. I love to eat braai (South African barbecue) and enjoy cooking it just as much. I enjoy cooking food when it becomes a social event; cooking pizza and barbequing brings people into the whole experience of preparing food. Sometimes, they will even want to get involved and help. If they’re lucky, I’ll let them in on a few tricks I have up my sleeve. Nothing brings people together better than great food, good company and good wine. My Gran always cooked good food and I guess this is where it all started. Of course, nobody can beat Mom’s cooking, either.

Where were you trained? What was your first chef job?
I trained in South Africa at a major hotel chain. I started off working during my school holidays for free, just to learn and to understand what it meant to work as a chef. I was then offered a part-time job at the same hotel. As a result of my hard work and dedication, the company offered to pay for my studies and I took on an apprenticeship with the company. This entailed working and studying at the same time. We had to complete weekly assignments and then, once a year, we had the opportunity of attending a hotel school where we got into the theoretical side of things – learning about wine, marketing, accounting, industrial law, etc. My first assigned position as a qualified chef was to run the room service section of a small five-star hotel in Umhglana Rocks in Natal.

How many refrigerators are in the kitchen to hold all the ingredients?
In total, there are over 350 refrigerators onboard Celebrity Reflection. This is for food only and does not include bar refrigerators or even the housekeeping pantries.

What’s the best compliment you ever received about your cooking?
That is a difficult one. I guess I’ve been most honored when a guest asks for the recipe for a particular dish. It means that they would like to take that dish home with them and share it with loved ones, or perhaps even relive the memory. I cannot say that there is one specific compliment that stands out, but asking for the recipe… I think that’s up at the top!

How is it prepping for brunch as opposed to prepping for dinner?
Brunch is an event for us, when we transform our dining room into a culinary showcase. We have so much talent onboard, and this is a chance to show some different aspects of that, like ice, fruit and vegetable carvings. Our chefs love the interactive experience with guests when working at the live stations for eggs, omelets and crepes. And of course, the chocolate fountains with freshly prepared fruits make everyone smile! Prepping for dinner requires all hands on deck. The culinary team has to work together to achieve the highest quality of food for our guests. The main dining room has two seatings, and we cater to approximately 1,300 guests per seating. The balance is made up with guests dining in one of the many specialty restaurants onboard.

What’s the most surprising thing you have learned as a chef?
Clean as you go!!

Can you share a favorite recipe we can publish?
It’s a simple burger, and it reminds me so much of home. It even requires you to grill it – one of my truly favorite pastimes.

Braaied Boerewors Burgers
Chef Steve van der Merwe, South Africa
Corporate Executive Chef, Celebrity Cruises

• 1 lb lean ground beef
• 1 lb ground pork
• 2 teaspoon coriander seeds, roasted, pounded and sieved
• ¼ teaspoon ground cloves
• ½ teaspoon ground nutmeg
• ¼ teaspoon ground allspice
• 1 teaspoon brown sugar
• 1 tablespoon malt vinegar
• Sea salt and freshly milled black pepper

To serve:
• 6 slices cheese (cheddar or Jarlsberg)
• 6 hamburger rolls
• Shredded crispy lettuce, sliced tomatoes, gherkins, mayonnaise and chutney

1. In a large bowl, mix together the ground beef and ground pork, the coriander seeds, ground cloves, ground nutmeg, sea salt, and freshly milled black pepper until well combined.

2. Using a scale, divide the mixture evenly into 6 portions – each should be about 7 oz. in weight. Form into patties about the size of the rolls. If you are going to braai them (barbecue them over charcoal), put the burgers directly above the white coals and turn them every 30 seconds until the patties are cooked. There should be no pink juice running out of them.

3. Just before they are done, place a slice of cheese on top of each patty and allow it to melt.

4. Toast the rolls lightly. Place the patties in the toasted rolls and garnish with the lettuce, tomato, gherkins, and chutney.

What chefs inspired you?
That’s a tough one. I guess the chef that has always inspired me is the first executive chef I worked with. He helped build the foundation of my culinary experience. I even recall occasionally having a little competition to see who could de-bone a leg of lamb the fastest. Strangely, I could never beat him.

Favorite food to cook with?
I enjoy cooking all kinds of meats, but most of all the wild game that we have in South Africa, such as springbok, wild boar, kudu, etc.

What’s a typical day in the life of an executive chef?
A typical day onboard starts at around 7 a.m., with a walk through all the outlets that are open for breakfast. The executive chef will check with the sous chefs to find out whether there were any challenges during the night shift. After a food-and-beverage department meeting in the morning, the chef will conduct a meeting with the team of chefs, to brief them on changes and to discuss the upcoming day’s events. An inspection of all the store rooms will also be done, together with the provisions master, to stay on top of the status of provisions. The executive chef is also a personality onboard, interacting with guests and hosting a variety of cooking demonstrations and events throughout the voyage. The executive chef also will conduct various tastings in all outlets to ensure the quality of the product is at the highest standards. The chef’s responsibilities are not only limited to food, but also include safety, which is of critical importance – the safety of our guests and crew, and, of course, food safety, too.

The executive chef on our ships is like the conductor of a finely orchestrated symphony, ensuring that all the pieces and parts flow together harmoniously, resulting in the service of delectable, made-from-scratch cuisine that helps make our guests’ vacations unforgettable. It’s simple, really. It’s what modern luxury is all about.

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Celebrity Cruises: Reflection Spa Update

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We’re focusing a lot of our attention on the spa area aboard Celebrity Reflection, and it’s really coming along. Take a look at the progress in these photos we just received from the shipyard.

The Fitness Center is now filled with high-tech workout equipment.

You’ll enjoy a great view as you move through the workout circuit.

Plenty of cardio equipment has been added to the Fitness Center.

What will soon be the Relaxation Room.

The Relaxation Room offers an amazing view.

A hallway leading to individual spa treatment rooms.

The expanded Persian Garden holds 15 heated tile loungers.

What will eventually become the Hammam.

Just imagine the soothing ocean view as you relax in the Persian Garden.

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Celebrity Cruises: Reflection Spa in Progress Look Book

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Enjoy a behind-the-scenes look at the spa on Celebrity Reflection as it’s being developed. Before long, this space will be transformed into an enhanced sensory experience, allowing our guests to revel in the hottest (and coolest) spa innovations.

The spa area is coming along. Looks spacious, no?

The Relaxation Room area with floor-to-ceiling views.

Lower level of the AquaSpa circular stairway.

Upper level of the AquaSpa stairway and wall treatment.

The enlarged Persian Garden will hold more heated tile lounges.

Soothing color scheme of the Persian Garden.

The Fitness Center will soon be filled with high-tech equipment.

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Celebrity Cruises: The Updated Celebrity Reflection Spa Experience

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After having designed the spas on all of the other Solstice Class ships, creating something new for Celebrity Reflection was a welcome challenge. The most exciting part for us, as designers of the spa for Reflection, was the rethinking of the original program, the guest experience and, thus, the layout of the spa. Not only have the spa and the Persian Garden expanded in size, both also have new, unique-to-the-fleet guest offerings and features: a Cold Room, Infrared Sauna and Hammam. The Persian Garden is a sensory playground where guests can spend an afternoon and leave feeling invigorated and renewed.

The fitness component of the spa has grown, as well. Individual studios no longer share space with the main workout and cardio area, and now offer spinning, Pilates, and Yoga classes simultaneously.

As a designer of many spas at land and at sea, Reflection’s spa has one of the most varied and comprehensive spa and fitness experiences anywhere.

Greg Walton
AIA | NCARB | LEED AP | Vice President RTKL

Spa Updates and Facts:

The AquaSpa’s expanded, 883-square-foot Persian Garden will allow for six more in-demand curved, heated tile beds (15 total) with soothing sea views, and six entirely new experiences:

1. The Hammam: A modern twist on a traditional experience, the Hammam is a cool, calm and quiet space designed to loosen muscles and joints while relaxing on a heated stone slab.

2. Infrared Sauna: Infrared heat offers distinct advantages over traditional steam heat saunas, as it provides many of the health benefits of natural sunlight without the dangerous effects of solar radiation.

3. Aromatic Steam Room: Warm steam and aromatherapy combine to melt away muscle tension and toxins, relax the mind, and leave the entire body feeling rejuvenated and refreshed.

4. The Cold Room: You can ‘chill out’ completely in this space, whose seats, walls and floor are icy cold (52 F). The room is designed to tighten pores that were opened and cleansed previously in the infrared sauna and aromatic steam room.

5. DIY Scrub and Salt Bar: This new do-it-yourself bar allows you to create custom “body cocktails” or scrubs from an array of salts, sugar and herbs.

6. Sensory Showers: You can complete your journey through the Persian Garden by selecting either warm, tropical rain infused with mild, fruity fragrances, or an arctic cold mist enlivened with eucalyptus essences. Soothing sound, scent and light will further tantalize the senses.

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Celebrity Cruises: The Lawn Club Experience

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There is nothing like the smell of freshly cut grass when you’re miles out to sea. When we first launched Celebrity Solstice in 2008, I could hardly believe my eyes when I saw a glorious half-acre of green grass growing on top of our beautiful, new ship. Much like Jeff Goldblum in Jurassic Park, I muttered to myself, “They did it…I don’t know how, but they did it.”

As is the case with anything new, we knew it would take us some time to really understand this wonderful innovation. How much traffic can it handle? What possibilities exist to take the experience even further? How will it stand up to the weather, climate, and itinerary changes? All of these questions and many more came to be answered as we progressed through Celebrity Equinox and Celebrity Eclipse. As Celebrity Silhouette approached, due to the amazing work of our marine operations team in keeping the grass growing under almost all conditions, we decided that we could bring even more guest engagement to this one-of-a-kind area.

From the moment I saw The Lawn Club, I dreamed of the industry’s first outdoor, interactive grill venue at sea. It was just something that seemed to be a natural extension of that environment. All around the world, there are beautiful parks where groups of people go for fun, highly social barbecues. So, when we were issued the green light to create a restaurant adjacent to The Lawn Club, this was our inspiration. From the onset, we agreed to keep the concept simple and approachable. The goal was a high level of interaction, friendliness, and, above all else, enjoyment of the unique ambiance of open air in a park-like setting. The Lawn Club Grill was born.

Generous proteins, steak, seafood, pork, and lamb would be the focus, accompanied by do-it-yourself flatbreads and a bountiful salad bar. And, to achieve the perfect grilling experience, we designed and installed unique, ventilated grills to ensure perfectly grilled pieces of meat. Initially, we were concerned that the concept was almost too simple. Would people really want to grill their own meat? Would they understand what we were trying to accomplish? Thankfully, from the moment it launched, it resonated with our guests. We are thrilled to be able to open the second installment of the Lawn Club Grill on the Celebrity Reflection cruise ship.

The Lawn Club on Celebrity Reflection will also feature our second installment of The Porch, a “Hamptons-esque” casual eatery featuring made-to-order Panini, soups, salads, and desserts. Offering exceptional views, friendly service, and casual fare, The Porch is a one-of-a-kind destination for breakfast and lunch.

In addition to the Lawn Club Grill and The Porch, Celebrity Reflection will also feature an expansion of The Alcoves, our series of for-rent private retreats set amongst the grass and offering expansive sea views. Much like the Lawn Club Grill and The Porch, The Alcoves help take The Lawn Club experience to another level, offering exceptional intimacy, service, and amenities in a destination unlike any other at sea. With an iPad loaded with favorite magazines, books, and music, it’s the perfect place to relax. Pre-order a picnic basket or use the phone to order afternoon cocktails. There are even spa services you can order in, so you never have to leave the comfort of the alcove.

Then, there are our Adirondack chairs. As my colleagues say, “A playful way to stop and take in the lawn.” These oversized chairs offer a unique perspective and a nice place to watch the activity on the lawn.

Whether it’s the smell of freshly cut grass, the lingering aroma of the perfectly grilled rib eye, or that first sip of an ice-cold beer as the sea breezes blow through your hair, The Lawn Club is an experience like no other.

Scott Steenrod
Associate Vice President
Food & Beverage Operations

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Celebrity Reflection: Experience the AquaClass Suite

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If you’re someone who likes the service and spaciousness of a suite, and you just can’t vacation without plenty of pampering, then you’re going to love what Deck 12 aboard Celebrity ReflectionSM has to offer. She’s the first ship in our fleet with an expanded AquaClass offering—the AquaClass Suite. Here, we’re blending all your favorite spa-inspired extras of AquaClass with the upgraded service and extra room of a Sky Suite—300 sq. ft. with a 79 sq. ft. veranda.

Longing to get away and have a European-trained butler at your service 24/7 to attend to your every need? Want to sip a cappuccino in the morning, dine on your veranda by sunset, or have a bottle of chilled champagne awaiting your return from a shore excursion? Your butler will be there to make it happen. Effortlessly.

Perhaps it will be Sabino, who likes to surprise his guests with meal suggestions that are uncannily perfect for them. Or, maybe it will be George, who creates an unbelievable candlelight dinner on the balcony of your suite; he prides himself on knowing what will make your time not only memorable, but unforgettable. George is also an experienced guide and can help you navigate the ship like an expert.

“My mission is the enjoyment of our guests,” he promises. Claudiu adds, “Every guest is special in a different way. My job is to make their cruise excellent in a way that’s perfect for them.”

As an AquaClass Suite guest, you’ll have priority access to the AquaClass specialty restaurant, Blu. With sculpted, white rose walls and sapphire blue accents, it’s a serene and beautiful place to have breakfast or dinner. The cuisine at Blu is not the typical “spa restaurant” expectation; rather, it is an imaginative way of preparing popular dishes without fussiness. So, tender filet is served with flavorful truffle vinaigrette, instead of a heavy béarnaise. We call it “clean cuisine.”

Then, there’s the AquaSpa itself. Enjoy complimentary access to the Persian Garden’s heated tile loungers or the Relaxation Rooms’ wide, comfortable loungers. In the AquaSpa, you can enjoy a soothing massage, a rejuvenating facial, or even get acupuncture and visit the aromatherapy steam room. You can take a Chilates class or run on a treadmill in the Fitness Center, all the while enjoying a spectacular ceiling-to-floor view of the ocean. Best of all, everything can be arranged for you by your AquaSpa Concierge.

Back in your AquaClass Suite, you’ll shower in a bathroom that mimics those found in any fine hotel on land. The Hansgrohe® shower tower features a rain showerhead and body spray jets, and it comes with Bulgari body wash, shampoo and conditioner.

At night, you’ll sleep on premium Reverie bedding dressed in soft, Celebrity eXhale™ cotton linens and plush duvets. You can even pick your pillow firmness from our pillow menu. You will undoubtedly awaken refreshed and ready for a new day.

In the AquaClass Suite, it’s all about the details: fog-free bathroom mirrors, fresh flowers, an aromatherapy diffuser, and an afternoon savories delivery – just to name a few. It’s these little things that will make the AquaClass Suite something you’ll want to replicate in your own home.

You asked for a new level of luxury. We think you’re going to embrace the ultimate relaxation and opulence of the Celebrity ReflectionSM AquaClass Suites.

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The Perfect Manifestation of Modern Luxury: Update on Celebrity…

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The Perfect Manifestation of Modern Luxury: Update on Celebrity Reflection
The embodiment of modern luxury, Celebrity Reflection complements current Solstice Class features with stunning innovations, including AquaClass Suites, Signature Suites, and th…

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Incluye las novedades de MSC Cruceros en itinerarios, destinos y promociones. La compañía incrementa el número de salidas en España.

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MSC Cruceros ha llegado por primera vez al puerto de Abu Dhabi con su barco MSC Lirica el pasado 30 de octubre. Con la llegada a la nueva terminal temporal de cruceros Mina Zaved del lujoso MSC Lirica -el primer barco que tiene como puerto base la capital de los Emiratos Árabes – Abu Dhabi ha alcanzado un nuevo hito en su desarrollo dentro del turismo de cruceros.
MSC Lirica ha zarpado en el primero de los 19 itinerarios de ocho días que realizará en la temporada 2011/2012, alrededor de Abu Dhabi y los Emiratos Árabes y que hará escalas en Mascate, Fuyaira, Jasab en Omán y Dubai, con 95 escalas. El buque cuenta con 780 cabinas para sus pasajeros.

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MSC Cruceros, una de las principales compañías del sector cruceros en el mundo, ha anunciado que ha recaudado hasta el momento un millón de euros para la iniciativa “Sube a bordo por los niños”, un proyecto que promueve el desarrollo de la educación de calidad en Brasil.
La iniciativa, que depende de las donaciones hechas a bordo generosamente por los pasajeros de los 11 barcos de la flota de MSC Cruceros, fue introducida en 2009 como parte de un acuerdo de tres años de colaboración con UNICEF y con el proyecto de la Plataforma de los Centros Urbanos de UNICEF en Brasil. Este proyecto tiene como objetivo ayudar a resolver las desigualdades estructurales y sociales en 94 favelas de Río de Janeiro, São Paulo e Itaquaquecetuba.
Al unirse a la iniciativa, MSC Cruceros ha demostrado su firme compromiso para promover la igualdad de oportunidades para niños y adolescentes a través del acceso a una educación de calidad.
El proyecto se encuentra actualmente en la recta final del primer ciclo de la iniciativa, en la que los gobiernos, las organizaciones no gubernamentales, comunidades, familias y adolescentes se han reunido para dar un impulso aún más fuerte para alcanzar los objetivos establecidos inicialmente por los municipios y las comunidades al comienzo del proyecto.
En términos de educación, por ejemplo, las escuelas municipales de Río de Janeiro y São Paulo han puesto en marcha un proceso de seguimiento para evaluar la aplicación de la Ley 10639/03 que exige la inclusión de la historia y la cultura afro-brasileñas e indígenas en todos los planes de estudios oficiales. El objetivo es ampliar el número de escuelas que aplican la ley con el fin de fomentar la igualdad racial y de este modo, ofrecer a los niños y adolescentes una educación de calidad. Esto es precisamente a lo que MSC Cruceros se ha comprometido.
Pierfrancesco Vago, Consejero Delegado de MSC Cruceros ha señalado “un millón de euros representa un hito importante en nuestros esfuerzos de recaudación de fondos y junto con nuestros pasajeros que tan generosamente han apoyado esta iniciativa, es un honor para nosotros participar activamente en la promoción de una educación de calidad para niños y adolescentes en las más pobres favelas brasileñas. Estoy orgulloso de los importantes logros alcanzados hasta el momento. Aunque soy consciente de que tenemos que avanzar paso a paso para tener éxito en nuestra tarea de ayudar a mejorar notablemente el acceso a la educación de calidad en Brasil, estoy seguro de que alcanzaremos nuestros objetivos”.
“Sube a bordo por los niños”
Los pasajeros de MSC Cruceros están invitados a “Subir a bordo por los niños” y marcar la diferencia al ofrecer una pequeña donación con su pasaje. Esta puede ser tan solo un euro, que simplemente se agregará a su cuenta al final del crucero.

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5 de septiembre de 2011 – MSC Cruceros, ha celebrado el pasado sábado 3 de septiembre en un ceremonioso evento la puesta a flote de su nuevo barco, MSC Divina. Este buque, el tercero de la clase Fantasia y su última incorporación, ha sido trasladado fuera del dique seco B de los astilleros STX Europe en Saint-Nazaire, Francia, para posteriormente ser trasladado al muelle C donde se realizará el montaje final de su equipamiento, antes de su inauguración en mayo del año que viene.

Se trata de un importante hito en la gigantesca construcción de la nueva nave de 140.000 toneladas y capacidad para 4.363 pasajeros. Al acto han acudido un selecto grupo de invitados, que se reunieron para contemplar el barco que se convertirá en el duodécimo de la magnífica flota de MSC Cruceros.

Emilio La Scala, Director General del Departamento Técnico de MSC Cruceros, ha declarado: “Este es un momento de orgullo. Hoy se marca el inicio del final de un millón de horas de meticuloso trabajo dedicadas a los retoques finales para asegurar que nuestro nuevo “debutante” está listo y ‘elegantemente vestido’ para cuando emerja en el debut de su ‘Gran Baile’, su inauguración oficial el 26 de mayo de 2012 en Marsella, Francia”.

MSC Divina, que ha recibido su nombre en honor a Sophia Loren, la diosa del cine italiano y madrina de la flota de MSC Cruceros, será propiamente una diosa divina. Esto se señaló por primera vez el sábado con el anuncio de que el barco de 18 cubiertas (13 de ellas para los pasajeros) llevará en cada uno de ellas el nombre de los Dioses de la Antigua Grecia, entre ellos Urano, Afrodite, Aurora, Giunone, Artemide, Zeus, Mercurio, Cupido, Iride, Minerva, Apollo, Saturno y Helios.

Una de las incorporaciones más novedosas del barco es el aft Garden Pool, diseñado y decorado como una zona celestial para un retiro tranquilo, relajarse o simplemente disfrutar de una puesta de sol.

La construcción de MSC Divina comenzó hace un año y 74 mega-bloques, cada uno compuesto por un conjunto de grandes componentes del casco pre-fabricados, se han utilizado para el montaje del barco. El trabajo sobre la quilla está casi terminado. El 50% del equipamiento del barco ya se ha realizado, lo que incluye la terminación de la red eléctrica, cañerías y zonas públicas. Asimismo, el trabajo ya se ha comenzado en 400 de los 1.751 camarotes (cien más que sus naves gemelas MSC Splendida y MSC Fantasia).

Como barco más avanzado de los tres que componen la clase Fantasia, MSC Divina cuenta con tecnología más innovadora y cambios que incluyen motores de propulsión más potentes, de 21,8 MW cada uno (en comparación con los 20,2 MW de MSC Splendida), un nuevo tipo de alternadores y sistemas HVAC (calefacción, ventilación y aire acondicionado) de última generación. El barco contará también con un nuevo sistema de ósmosis inversa para la producción de agua dulce que requiere un 40 por ciento menos de energía y por lo tanto, asegura un menor impacto medioambiental.

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El Valencia Club de Fútbol lucirá en la manga izquierda de su camiseta el logo de MSC Cruceros

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MSC Cruceros presenta las novedades para la Temporada de Invierno 2011-2012, entre las que se incluyen nuevos itinerarios tanto en el Mediterráneo como en Grandes Cruceros, promociones renovadas y nuevos tipos de suites en sus buques MSC Splendida y MSC Fantasia.
MSC Cruceros cuenta con la flota más moderna del mundo y sus barcos se distinguen por el estilo, el diseño y la calidad de sus interiores. La compañía ofrece un cuidado servicio a bordo así como múltiples y variadas opciones para el entretenimiento, el deporte, o las compras. Además, sus buques destacan por su gran diversidad gastronómica, desde los tradicionales platos de cocina italiana e internacional, hasta los distintos restaurantes temáticos.
La compañía presenta un adelanto de todas las novedades para esta temporada y el próximo año, las nuevas Aurea Suites, disponibles a bordo de MSC Fantasia y MSC Splendida. Estas novedosas suites incluyen un paquete completo de salud y belleza en el área MSC Aurea Spa, con masaje balinés, tratamientos de relajación facial, acceso sin límites a la suite termal y otras ventajas.
Estas nuevas suites completan la oferta más exclusiva de MSC Cruceros, que ya dispone del área MSC Yacht Club, considerado un yate de lujo dentro de un barco de crucero. Un área preferente a bordo de MSC Splendida y MSC Fantasia con instalaciones privadas y un servicio de mayordomo 24 horas al día, en el que poder encontrar toda la exclusividad y la privacidad que el cliente pueda desear.

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MSC Cruceros, una de las principales compañías del sector cruceros en el mundo, ha preparado con motivo de San Valentín un gran abanico de actividades y propuestas para que los pasajeros puedan disfrutar de un día tan especial.

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